Choosing The Right Mobile Oven Cleaners

Right Mobile Oven Cleaners
Right Mobile Oven Cleaners

Choosing a company to clean your oven might seem like an easy choice, but to make sure you get the best, the most professional finish we have a few questions you should be asking.

Do you have insurance? 

Your oven clean will most likely turn out marvellously, but in the (rare) case of something being accidentally damaged, you’re going to need insurance. Believe it or not, many policies don’t even cover the item being worked on, so have a good read of the mobile oven cleaners insurance, to make sure you are protecting yourself. 

Will I get a written quote?

The last thing you want is to be faced with a bill that includes loads of hidden charges that were not mentioned on the phone. Make sure you ask for a written quote, listing everything that is covered, and any possible additional charges so that you know exactly what you are agreeing to. 

How long have you been cleaning ovens?

Ovens are not the easiest thing to clean, they’re often caked in layers of burnt-down grime. You want to hire mobile oven cleaners that are experienced and great at what they do, that way you can be sure your oven is going to be sparkling by the end of the clean.

What chemicals will you use?

If you have an aversion to toxic and caustic chemicals you might want to check what the mobile oven cleaners will be using, especially if you have young children or pets around. 

Do you offer a guarantee?

All mobile oven cleaners should be offering a guarantee, just in case you are not happy with the work. Always check whether they offer this before you agree to a clean, as this is the best way to protect yourself from disappointment. 

Can I see some testimonials?

Reading through testimonials is a way to get proof that mobile oven cleaners are great at what they do. If you have a look at the company’s Google Business Listing this can give you an idea of how high their standards are.

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