Why Invest in Extractor Fan Cleaning?

Extractor Fan Cleaning
Extractor Fan Cleaning

Extractor fans are important components to any kitchen, as they extract the steam, smoke, and cooking emissions. Whilst a lot of the modern extractor fans have in-built filters which can help reduce the build-up of grease, these modern and high-tech extractor fans cannot prevent the grease build-up entirely, meaning they too will need to undergo extractor fan cleaning at some point.

Why does my kitchen need extractor fan cleaning?

Extractor fans can cause a lot of problems if they have too much debris or grease caked on, so be mindful and keep on top of it. If this reminds you your extractor fan hasn’t been cleaned in a while, then you should not waste any more time, contact an extractor fan cleaning service and get things back under control.

If you leave the kitchen grease built up on your extractor fan, that then becomes a fire hazard as it can ignite with heat from a spark or a flame. The hot gases, fire and smoke from grease that has been ignited can spread along the whole of the extractor system, potentially spreading to other parts of the building or surrounding areas.

It is also worth noting that if you do not implement adequate extractor fan cleaning on a regular basis, as already established, your property is at risk of fire, and that could compromise your insurance policy, as well as be at risk of breaching Environmental Health laws.

You should also remember that these extractor fans can also contain lots of bacteria, flourishing in the warm kitchen environment, which can produce pungent odours in the area, presenting a hazard, as well as making it a very displeasing environment.

Who can I contact for extractor fan cleaning?

There are lots of companies you can reach out to, but Mobile Oven Cleaning can offer extractor fan cleaning services that are guaranteed to prevent the aforementioned potential issues from occurring. What’s more, their extractor fan cleaning services will ensure that your extractor fan is left spotless, with no grease, and the experienced technicians will ensure that your kitchen will be safe from any hazards, so it is fully compliant with all  insurance and legislation policies, as well as be free from breaching any of the Environmental Health law requirements.

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