How To Clean a Ceramic Hob

How To Clean a Ceramic Hob

Ceramic hobs are great for cooking with, they take longer to heat up than gas hobs, but they stay warmer for longer and retain a continuous heat. Cleaning them can be tricky, how you clean them depends on the intensity of the stain or mark that you are dealing with. Here is how to clean a ceramic hob.


The best way to keep your hob clean without the continual need for oven cleaners is to clean it often, preferably after each use for optimal effect. Ensure you use soft cloths, not scouring brushes as these can damage the surface of the hob and even take the hob markers off. When you clean the hob regularly you will find there are less hard to clean spots and often it will just be a simple wipe down job rather than something that takes you a long time.

Remember that cleaning a hot hob can cause burns so take precautions. Either clean it when it has had time to completely cool or when it is warm. Do not clean a ceramic hob that is warm whilst wearing gloves as this can be dangerous if they melt.

Oven Cleaners

Using strong oven cleaners and products on your hob can cause the markings to fade over time and create issues with your hob. However, it is important that your hob stays free from bacteria and hygienic.

There are many cleaning products that are safe to use on a hob when handled with care. But often this is best left to a professional oven cleaner service.

If you want to clean your hob yourself, you can try using a solution of baking soda and vinegar with a warm, damp microfibre cloth. This will take off most stubborn stains and burn marks that are found on kitchen hobs.


Hiring a professional oven cleaner is a great shout to keep your kitchen spotless and hygienic. They will not only clean your hob, but your oven too which can be a difficult and laborious job to do yourself. Professionals also use top of the range oven cleaners, so that you can be assured of a high level of service.

Cleaning a ceramic hob is a simple task that should not take more than a few minutes a day. Hiring a professional oven cleaner to do a deep clean once every six months or so is a great way to keep your kitchen looking spick and span.

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