How to clean an induction hob

Oven cleaning isn’t difficult, but many things could go wrong. An induction hob is a great piece of equipment to work with as it makes cooking less stressful. Cleaning an induction hob can be pretty simple and can last a lifetime too with the proper care and attention. So, how to clean an induction hob?… Continue reading How to clean an induction hob

How To Clean a Ceramic Hob

Ceramic hobs are great for cooking with, they take longer to heat up than gas hobs, but they stay warmer for longer and retain a continuous heat. Cleaning them can be tricky, how you clean them depends on the intensity of the stain or mark that you are dealing with. Here is how to clean… Continue reading How To Clean a Ceramic Hob

Easy Oven Cleaning

If your oven needs a deep cleaning we would always suggest you hire a professional oven cleaning company. However, for all the days in between, when it just needs quick spruce up, here are some tips from our oven cleaning company… 1. Make sure it is clean and remove any excess debris Make sure your… Continue reading Easy Oven Cleaning